the artist

me #1.jpg

the creative journey

I am Annika, an illustrator based in Bremen, Germany. I am also a writer, photographer, baker, and Netflix addict. I am sarcastic, curious, passionate – and this starts to sound like that Meredith Brooks’ song now.

I am all of that, but basically, I am this: A passionate creative. Ever since I was a kid I wanted to draw, paint, sketch, and write. I wanted to create something that puts a smile on peoples face and make them happy. And I think this world could use more color and happiness, right?


the inspiration

It is no coincidence that a lot of my artwork is either people, plants, animals or painted in natural colors. I love nature!

There is a gigantic park close to where I live and I take every opportunity I get to take a long walk, get inspired, and reconnect with myself and nature.

But a busy city inspires me as well. Street fashion happens to be one of my go-to 'pinterest-searches' when I feel the urge to develop a new character.

Other inspirations are minimalistic, but warm interior designs; good food (I love painting fruits and vegetables!); and music.

the style

When someone looks at my artwork, I want them to feel happy, inspired, free, adventurous, and comfortable at the same time. I would describe my style as colorful and whimsical, yet minimal and calm.

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the tools

A piece of paper is where every piece of mine starts. A big blank page might be scary for some, but for me, it is a fresh start and endless opportunities. After the initial sketch, I usually grab my Schmincke watercolors or my iPad and open Procreate. If it is a really big project though, Affinity Designer and a Wacom Intuos graphics tablet is my weapon of choice.


the name

You might wonder who 'Lieselotte' actually is or what it stands for. Well, it is me! I decided to give myself an artist's name. Why? Because my legal name, Annika Papenbrock, is incredibly long and unpronounceable for everyone who isn't German! The second you hit that 'b' you are out of breath.

But 'Lieselotte' is not just any name. It is a nickname my mother gave me when I was a kid. I have no idea how she came up with it, but I remember imagining being a different person every time I heard that name. I imagined being a famous artist, an adventurer, a superstar, ... you name it. So it just seemed fitting to use a name that inspired me to conquer the world with beautiful art.