Hej, I am annika!


My creative journey…

I am Annika, a twenty-something German girl living in Bremen. I am an artist, a writer, photographer, baker, and Netflix addict. I am cynical, sarcastic, curious, passionate – and this starts to sound like a Meredith Brooks’ song now.

I am all of that, but essentially I am this: a passionate creative. Ever since I was a kid I wanted to draw, paint, sketch, and write. I wanted to create more beauty in this world.

Now here I am, drawing, painting, illustrating and writing up all my thoughts on how to live a creative life.

My inspiration…

It is not a coincidence that dark green, rusty red, and ochre are the most prominent colours in every piece I create. I love nature and draw most of my inspiration from it. Even though I live in a busy city, my flat happens to be next to a gigantic park that I can walk through, get inspired, and reconnect with myself.

But this busy city inspires me as well. Street fashion happens to be one of my go-to 'pinterest-searches' when I feel the urge to develop a new character.

Other inspirations are minimalistic, but warm interior design; good vegan food; and alternative, slow music. For writing, my main source of inspiration is a good old crime tv series, because of their complex relationships and character developments.

My style…

When someone looks at my artwork, I want them to feel inspired, free, adventurous, and comfortable at the same time. I would describe my style as deep, natural coloured art, with a calm and minimal, yet whimsical touch.

My choice for deep natural colours gives my work an atmospheric, almost moody look and my minimal approach to laying out a piece of art leaves a calm vibe to it. At the same time, my choice of objects is very whimsical and cute, giving the artwork an adventurous and free feeling.

My name…

You might wonder who 'Lieselotte' actually is or what it stands for. Well, it is me! I decided to give myself an artist's name. Why? Because my legal name, Annika Papenbrock, is incredibly long! The second you hit that 'b' you are out of breath.

But 'Lieselotte' is not just any name, it is an alias I got from my mother when I was a kid. I have no idea how she came up with it, but I remember imagining being a different person everytime I heard that name. I imagined being a famous artist, an adventurer, a superstar, ... you name it. So it just seemed fitting to use this alias that inspired to me conquer the world.