the sunday collection #2

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Having a blog means you spend a lot of your time on the internet. Either researching for a new post or story or just for fun. With an overwhelming offer of websites, articles or shows it can be quite hard to find the really interesting ones.

Every Sunday I would love to share my favorite findings of the world wide web. It can be everything, from an interesting Instagram account to a fascinating article.

Ellis Island immigrants, in color:
This is a gallery of pictures of immigrants of the United States. It is kind of fascinating to see all those different faces, clothes all around the world that make America the country it is today.

How We Measure Success:
An article by Tangerine and Me that inspired me to write my post last Friday, “I Don’t Want a Career”.┬áIt is about how we measure success and that a career nowadays means everything, being happy is not considered a success. And this needs to change in my opinion.

This is a movie I always turn to when feeling uninspired, completely down and just unhappy. It is kind of a sad story itself, but so intelligently put, funny and inspiring. A must see!

The Art of Condolence – NYTimes:
Another article that popped up on my screen a few days ago. An article that speaks my mind. After losing my mom to cancer a few years ago I experienced first hand how people deal with grieving people and with giving condolences to somebody. And let me tell you, after this experience, I stopped talking to a lot of people. While grieving over the death of your mother the last sentence you wanna hear is: “Well, it is bad, but at least your mother left you a lot of money, I would like to get that money.” Believe me, it did happen.


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