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New Year, new goals right? Well, my ultimate goal for this year is finishing all the unread books I have on my shelf.

I have this thing for browsing through a good bookstore, getting lost between the shelves and look for interesting stories that amazon would never suggest for me.

Throughout the year I will keep you updated and include reviews of the books I read. So here we go – down that rabbit hole of unread books:

How Not to Die – Dr. Michael Greger: Being a new vegan, this was the number one book on my list. Even though I have others on my nightstand already, I immediately started reading it when I bought it. I am not at all finished with it yet and there will be a review coming soon, but I can already tell: It blows my mind!

The Future – Al Gore: I think I picked this book up more than a dozen times but never made it to the last page. It is one of the few books that lie on my nightstand, just in case I feel like reading one night – which did not happen yet since I mostly read during my commute. I am a fan of Al Gore since I saw An Inconvenient Truth. When I saw this book in the store I simply had to have it. From the first pages, I read so far I can say: It is ambitious and overwhelming sometimes, but hell it is interesting.

But What If We’re Wrong – Chuck Klosterman: This book fell into my lap after browsing Barnes & Noble for hours during my New York trip last year. We always assume that the way we think today is the right way. But what if that is not true? In the past, we were proven wrong multiple of times.

The Unwinding – George Packer: I bought this book way before Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president. But even before then I was hooked on how the US has developed over the years and how much has changed. While researching this on the internet, this book came up. I am really looking forward reading it, especially with all what is happening right now.

Stieg Larsson Trilogy: This has been on my shelf for longer than I’d like to admit. I saw the movies and I saw the American adaption of it as well. After watching the movies I had no intentions of reading the book as well. But one day I found all three copies at the flea market and thought: why not?

Not That Kind Of Girl – Lena Dunham: I am probably super late with this since this book was trending in 2016 I think? Since then it is sitting on my shelf, waiting to be read. Even though my interest in girly books has slightly worn off over the past year I am trying to give this a go.

Stoner – John Williams: While browsing amazon for classic novels that you simply have to read, this one came up. I have to admit, I never heard of John Williams before. But the back cover described in such a great way, that I put it on my reading list. We will see if it holds up to its description.

Hegemony Or Survival – Noam Chomsky: Another book that came up during my research about the US. Noam Chomsky is a classic when it comes to critical thinking. I only saw the documentary Requiem for the American Dream, so I am looking forward reading something of him instead.

What She Left – T. R. Richmond: Pursuing journalism for many years a thriller about a young female journalist has me hooked immediately. What She Left is about a young girl in college, writing for the crime column of a local newspaper and suffering a mysterious death. The book is written in different styles each chapter, such as blog entries, letters or phone texts. This is so unique, that the book made my list immediately.

We Were Liars – E. Lockhart: There is not much about this book on the cover. It does not really say what it is about, it only says it is a mystery of a young girl and her family. All the reviews printed on that book made it so interesting, that it ended up on the big pile of books on my shelf.

Gotham Writers’ Workshop Writing Fiction: Writing for me is therapeutic and helps me visualize my thoughts. For a very long time now I have several stories in my head that are just sitting there in a word document on my computer. Since English is not my first language I thought a little bit of research on creative writing in English would be good. Maybe it will motivate me to finally finish at least one of the stories.

The China Study – T. Colin Campbell and Thomas M. Campbell: While doing my research about veganism there is one study that probably is cited the most and is criticised the most at the same time: the china study. After reading so many contradicting reviews about it, I had to get to be able to form my own opinion about it.

1984 – George Orwell: Another classic that does not need a lot of describing I guess. I have to admit, it is kind of embarrassing that I’ve never read this book so far. But this will be changed this year.

The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck – Sarah Knight: Another book I am probably way behind with. After the famous tidying book by Marie Kondo, this was another one that entered center stage of the books you simply have to read if you want to be cool. Trying to be cool I bought it, but haven’t had the time to read it yet.

Thank you for reading.




new year's resolution

hello 2017

I am kind of late with this post, I know. But life is crazy at the moment, so many things are going on at the same time. I am in the middle of my master thesis and under a lot of time pressure. While writing the thesis I am also working part time in retail to pay for life, but my head is already at my new job, that forces me to hurry up with my master thesis. So you can imagine how crazy 2017 started for me. Still, I want to put out my goals for this year.

Since I will not be a student for most of this year for the first time in what feels like ages, new years resolutions actually mean something this year. Normally I have goals like “finish all school work on time”, “always prepare your lectures”…and so on. This year is different. So without further ado, here are my goals for 2017:

  • finish my master degree // Obvious goal that does not need any further explanation.
  • read all the books you bought during the last years // Every time I see an interesting book I buy it, but since I have to read a lot of academic papers, I never have the energy to read a book. Before going to University I used to finish a book every month and I am missing that. Since I will commute to work I will finally have the time to do this. There are 11 books on my shelf, unread, untouched. We will see how well I am doing with this goal.
  • save enough money to pay off student loans // Despite common belief, studying in Germany is not entirely free. Every semester you have to pay a fee around 300 Euros in order to stay enrolled. Yes, it is way less compared to other countries, but this is just so that you are still a student. There is no accommodation or food included. You have to pay for that on your own. Since my parents aren’t rich, I got federal financial aid throughout my studying every month, that I will have to pay back by the start of next year. Fun times…
  • digitise all old videos // My father used to tape our every move when we were kids. We have around 30 old tapes lying around that you can only watch on that old recorder it was used to tape with. After a lot of research, I found a method how to digitalize old analog videos. Since you have to play the videos through completely in order to convert it, it takes a lot of time, but it will be so worth it at the end.
  • post more regularly on the blog // I started this blog at first for job applying reasons. Now it kind of became a lot of fun and I want to do more for it. Until now, studying and working are not allowing me to put that kind of quality content on here like I would love to. 2017 will allow me to change this.



link collection

the sunday collection #2

Having a blog means you spend a lot of your time on the internet. Either researching for a new post or story or just for fun. With an overwhelming offer of websites, articles or shows it can be quite hard to find the really interesting ones.

Every Sunday I would love to share my favorite findings of the world wide web. It can be everything, from an interesting Instagram account to a fascinating article.

Ellis Island immigrants, in color:
This is a gallery of pictures of immigrants of the United States. It is kind of fascinating to see all those different faces, clothes all around the world that make America the country it is today.

How We Measure Success:
An article by Tangerine and Me that inspired me to write my post last Friday, “I Don’t Want a Career”. It is about how we measure success and that a career nowadays means everything, being happy is not considered a success. And this needs to change in my opinion.

This is a movie I always turn to when feeling uninspired, completely down and just unhappy. It is kind of a sad story itself, but so intelligently put, funny and inspiring. A must see!

The Art of Condolence – NYTimes:
Another article that popped up on my screen a few days ago. An article that speaks my mind. After losing my mom to cancer a few years ago I experienced first hand how people deal with grieving people and with giving condolences to somebody. And let me tell you, after this experience, I stopped talking to a lot of people. While grieving over the death of your mother the last sentence you wanna hear is: “Well, it is bad, but at least your mother left you a lot of money, I would like to get that money.” Believe me, it did happen.


link collection

the sunday collection #1

Having a blog means you spend a lot of your time on the internet. Either researching for a new post or story or just for fun. With an overwhelming offer of websites, articles or shows it can be quite hard to find the really interesting ones.

Every Sunday I would love to share my favorite findings of the world wide web. It can be everything, from an interesting Instagram account to a fascinating article.
I am always on the hunt for new blogs. Until today I mostly used Bloglovin’ to find interesting blogs. This week I did that on A website with kind of a clean design, but very effective search for new blogs, all of them divided into categories which make it easy to look through.

I love plants, mostly green ones. Cacti, snake plants, ivy…I would love to have my personal own jungle, but I just don’t have much space or money to buy myself a green jungle of happiness. To make it up, I discovered a new Instagram account: haarkon_
A London-based couple has its own personal jungle. All of it, you can enjoy on their Instagram account.
The whole blogging thing for me started with beauty, makeup, and fashion. Since I grew older my interests kind of shifted, but some beauty bloggers and also YouTubers are still my favourites. Every now and then a recommendation pops up, and this time, it was Mary from She is one of the most relatable beauty bloggers out there and her vlogs are a joy to watch. If you are getting tired of all those highly professional people out there on Youtube and the beauty blogger world, Mary is the girl to watch.

Writing Tips by J.K. Rowling
Harry Potter is still my favourite story out there. I was one of those people that had the book preordered and being delivered to my house on the night it was going to be published. After 24 hours of reading, I was done with the book. So it just seemed fitting that an article about J.K. Rowling giving writing advice was one of my favourites this week.

Great British Bake Off
Cakes, cupcakes, pies, cookies … I just love them all. Baking is one of those things in the kitchen that I love. I hate doing the dishes, I hate to cook, especially when I am really hungry, but baking is just true love. When I am in a really good mood, I pamper myself with some really good baking. When I am pissed as hell and hate the whole world, I am baking something really extravagant to relieve the stress. Somehow I discovered a baking show called The Great British Bake Off. A show where 12 contestants are baking in a competition to become the star baker of the United Kingdom. Germany has kind of adapted this concept, but like every German show it just is totally embarrassing to watch. In love with baking and the British accent, it just makes me happy every time I am watching it.