about me

I am Annika, a twenty-something German girl living in Bremen. I am a writer, a photographer, baker and Netflix addict. I am cynical, sarcastic, curious, passionate – and this starts to sound like a Meredith Brooks song now.

Back in the day as a teenager I started a fashion blog, called “the closet stories”. I believe it lasted for about six weeks during summer vacation and was then deleted. Just fashion wasn’t enough. I love reading about it, today I still read a lot of fashion and beauty blogs, but from a totally different angle. I am interested in so many things and my inspiration needs to be fed constantly. Since I am a passionate writer, having a blog just seems so damn obvious that I may as well try this out.

You will find a broad selection of topics here. From lifestyle, minimalism, zero waste tips, personal growth, and writing, to everything related to the digital age, like social media, blogging itself and random thought pieces about the typical millennial life.

Recently I turned vegan, over night. Yep, you read right. I watched a documentary, then I watched another and another and went down that rabbit hole. I used to be a passionate meat eater (writing this now actually makes me cringe a little) and always rolled my eyes when I heard the word vegan. Now I can say, I had no idea. I was misinformed and blindsided. So this became a recent addition to my blog: veganism.

My native language is German, but I am surrounded by English every day at my 9 to 5 office job at a PR agency and I am in love with this language since the beginning. Even though I sucked at it at first – my fifth grade English teacher hated me and believed I was a lost cause. Somehow I managed to watch every episode of Gilmore Girls in English without any subtitles and understanding all of it. And they talk pretty fast! My goal was to understand E.R. without any subtitles … and I did! Still some of the medical talk gets over my head and leaves me with a slightly “hä?!” in my head, but I think I do pretty well. Take that fifth grade English teacher! Haha!

So have fun with all the stuff I put out here. I love to get to know you, leave a comment, write me a mail or send over a carrier pigeon. Just have fun, enjoy your day and keep on smiling!