ethical living

from meat lover to vegan


I loved meat. Steak, burger, spaghetti bolognese…you name it. If I even heard the word vegan, I rolled my eyes. In my head, I imagined a person dressed in a potato sack handing out fruit and missionize people into veganism. To date, I have no idea where this thought came from. I believe the mainstream media has its roll in it because vegans are portraited as crazy people with an extreme view of the world. But my upbringing has a big role in it as well.

I grew up with rabbits in the backyard that would end up on our plate. Dairy and meat were part of a well-balanced diet, that’s what everyone was telling me. Teachers told me so, grown-ups, coaches, my parents, other parents, the TV, the internet, books, … everyone and everything told me that it is healthy to eat meat and dairy, that eating meat and dairy was the reason why the Homo Sapiens developed a brain like we have now.

Well, I was wrong! To be accurate: they are wrong. 

I never wanted to be one of those missionizing vegans, I am sure as hell trying not to become that way, but right now let me tell you: it is hard.

It is hard seeing my friends and family putting their health at risk with every bite they take. It is hard knowing that the entire world is practically lying to us. It is hard knowing how powerful the industry, the government actually is and how much power they exceed over our plates. They are so powerful that they are putting everyone’s health at risk.

Now you might wonder, why I became vegan after all? It was one night, that made my view shift completely. One day I was a meat eater, the next I was vegan. This post marks one of many vegan stories to come. Thoughts, recipes and helpful tips for every new vegan out there (I am so proud of you, just keep on going!).

The belief of meat eating is stronger than I thought

Not everyone is raised vegan. I actually think, most vegans out there were not raised vegan. Like I said, meat, dairy, and eggs were part of my childhood. But by the age of 16, I developed a severe lactose intolerance. After not getting any information from the doctor (which is even shocking to me now than back then), I researched it myself. I think this was the first time I researched the link between diet and health, and I think I was hooked ever since. It just took me ridiculous amount of time to finally make the link between meat, dairy, eggs and our health (over ten years!), but better late than never. I also believe, taking ten years to realize that, is a testament to how deep the belief of meat eating actually goes.

It is fair enough to say, that I always have been interested in health and diet. Due to my senior year in school and then followed by university, I did not really research as much as I might have should have. Finishing university and starting a full-time job for the first time allowed me and my brain to focus on all the things I used to love, before I had to study that hard. I finally had the brain-capacity to watch all the documentaries on my watchlist and read all the books on my shelf.

But even having all this time did not make me start right away. It was one night in August, to be precise it was the 25th of August 2017 that I actually was bored for the first time in a decade. My day at work went great, but it was not too stressful. I finally had my routine down and my apartment was clean, tidy, and my fridge was fully stocked. So I practically had time. I stress this so strongly because I was and am quite the busy bee. I’ve always had a part-time job next to university, I always studied as much as possible and had internships during breaks. So, having time and an eased mind was something so special, that I remember it to the day. (It also opened me up to a more mindful life – but I will get to that in another post). I sat down on my couch and looked through all my Netflix recommendations. Forks Over Knives popped up – shit went down from there.

4 hours, 34 minutes and 50 seconds later, and I was vegan 

I started with Forks Over Knives – it got me hooked and wanting to learn more.

Netflix recommended What the Health – consider my mind blown.

After that I watched Cowspiracy – I went to my fridge and threw away some parmesan cheese (the only cheese I ate due to my lactose intolerance) and some eggs. I did not have any meat at home that day, but that would have landed in the bin as well.

After being awake way longer than anticipated, I went to bed. The next day, a Saturday, I opened my laptop and did some research. After watching just the trailer of Earthlings, I was vegan.

Why do I write about the main point of this post in just one paragraph? Because it is just THAT EASY! It took me a few hours to become a vegan. If I would’ve known that it is that easy to become vegan and later see how easy it is to stay vegan, I would have done it the first time.

Thank you for reading.